Mary Jane Holt (MJ) has an innate ability to effectively connect!  
A while back, MJ retired early from a nursing career to "just write."  
That career change would lead to
  • a long-running, award-winning newspaper column,
  • the 12 year publication of a community health magazine,
  • several books and workshops,
  • and eventually a most rewarding broadcasting career with a world outreach.  
MJ has received numerous awards and honors for her inspirational writing and health education efforts.  
Today, as a radio host, motivational speaker, born encourager and workshop facilitator, she still sometimes aspires to "just write."

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SOUL FOOD and Spirit Vittles, Volume One

A special word from MJ:

In 1987, shortly after I resigned from the nursing profession, I wrote and published "From the Corners of my Heart." I was shocked and actually overwhelmed at how well it was received. 
Then my dad died... and vulnerability became hard for a long time.
Now, after many requests I am publishing my work in a similar format. There will be at least seven volumes in this collection.
You will not be disappointed in this first book in the series, but I warn you - it is not for the faint of heart. I believe in emotional debriding.  To debride means to peel off the scab and let a sore, inflamed, or infected area heal from the inside out. That is the only way true healing can take place and peace can take root.  I did not leave nursing because I no longer cared about people who were sick and hurting; on the contrary, I cared too much to not start writing in hopes of addressing the pain behind the pain.
- mjh